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alkaen 206.000 € to 456.000 €


The idea of living in Turkey on a permanent basis, or to carry out in the country a few months a year, is still a dream for many. But the important question asked by many: how much is life in Turkey, including real estate, health care, operating costs for water and electricity, daily necessities and food. People want to know whether much life in Turkey in 2016 hit the wallet, and what they get for the money spent. So let's look at some average costs.

Real Estate: Buy or Rent. The average value of real estate in Alanya ( Mahmutlar ) in 2016, is about 60,000-70,000 euros, for one bedroom apartment with a fine finish, in a building located next to the sea . As you can see the prices differ from the central regions of the CIS countries and Ukraine in a better way.

The cost of the rent for 2-bedroom apartment depends of the season, the location of the complex, and it’s ranging from 250 to 1,000 euros per month.

Monthly expenses for the maintenance of apartments:
The following figures are taken from the current expenditures on the property with three bedrooms in the seaside resort of Alayna.

- Water / Sewer: Average monthly expenses are about 40TL (12 Euro)
- Electricity: The average monthly cost is around 100TL (30 euros) per month
- Tax collection: About 140TL per year (€ 40)
- Garbage: an annual fee for the cleaning of containers: 70TL (21 Euro)
- Internet: 60TL (18 Euro) per month for unlimited internet with TT net, although there are cheaper deals. Sometimes the cost of internet access is already included in aydat (monthly fee for maintenance of the complex)
- Monthly maintenance fees (aydat): utilities for maintenance of public facilities such as a swimming pool. The cost varies from 100 to 1200 euros per year, depending on the number of apartments and infrastructure of the residential complex.
- Property insurance: an average of 60 euros a year, insurance for the earthquake (DASK) are required and are about 20 euros.
The residence permits and health:

Those who want to live in Turkey on a permanent basis, need a residence permit, which costs an average of 50 euros (depending on the country of residence of the applicant). Residence Permits are granted on condition that the person claiming, has health insurance, It is not required for those aged 65 years or older.
You can also obtain a tourist visa for 90 or 180 days, it costs about 15 euros, including an administrative fee.

The health care is one of the basic requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey You can select a state SGK insurance to cover healthcare operations and services in public hospitals. For the couple it is 395 TL (115 euros) per month. If you are not married but are living together, you pay 395 TL per person. Also, the state insurance SGK will cover a small portion of the financial costs, using private hospitals.

If SGK is not a preferred option, you can use private health insurance, which protects the people from the high cost of medical treatment and surgery in private hospitals. Costs depend on the age and health of the person. For example, for a 48 -year-old man, an annual insurance, will cost about 700 TL (212 euros).

Transportation in Turkey:

If you decide to buy a car in Turkey, be prepared to spend on fuel, which is quite expensive. A litre of diesel fuel can cost around 3.50 TL and gasoline 4.40 TL. Further costs include car insurance, the annual cost could reach an average of at least 2,000TL.

Food and beverage:

With inflation hovering around 7.5 per cent, the average weekly cost of purchases for two people is about 150 TL. For smokers, a pack of cigarettes by an average of about 7.50TL. The meat, especially lamb and beef can be expensive, while chicken and fish are relatively affordable. The average bill in continental cuisine restaurant is about 120TL for the three meals, including beverages.

The restaurant serves Turkish cuisine, the meals usually cost half the price.

Saving money and working in Turkey:

If you want to refill your monthly income by working in Turkey, remember that foreigners working illegally, if they do not have a valid work permit. Permission can be obtained independently by the Ministry of Labour , or together with the employer , the cost of obtaining may reach 1500 TL. The minimum wage in Turkey is 1,300TL.

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